Fifty Years a Medium – Chapter 16, 3/7 by Estelle Roberts

A week later, friends of mine who were not very intimately connected with Nancy Spain received a cryptic spirit message saying: “Spain, tell Jenny live wire still.” They knew me by my name, Ginette, but as they were not acquainted with any other friend of Nancy’s,

they telephoned and asked tentatively if she had ever called me “Jenny.” I explained that, unlike almost all my other friends, she never called me anything else. Jenny, as a matter of fact, is my real name. And, strangely enough, I almost always called Nancy, “Spain”, two details my friends did not know. They then felt the message must be for me, and passed it on.

After this, Nancy constantly came to them, giving messages for me, many of which they could not understand, but which made complete sense to me. She even sometimes used journalistic terms: for instance, when stressing a point she said, “Beg, repeat beg,” just as I had heard her do when dictating a story to her newspaper over the telephone.

Then, on February 17th, 1965, she said to them: “Spain, tell Jenny I tried to help you on Tuesday” (they had visited Estelle Roberts), “but many calling. Polite Spain missed bus.” A typical Nancy Spain quip!

At their next sitting with Estelle on May 17th 1965, one of them said to Estelle, “Could I ask about someone specific?” “So long as you give me a name only, without identifying the person,” Estelle agreed. “Is there a Nancy there?” was the next query.

And, smiling Estelle said, “Yes, she’s been standing back and Red Cloud is bringing her forward. She died very suddenly didn’t she? I am getting breathlessness and then a bang, a shock.” Then, looking extremely surprised she exclaimed, “It’s Nancy Spain! She says, I’m Nancy Spain.”

There followed a very characteristic Spain kind of conversation with messages for me personally – though Estelle had no idea who “Jenny” was and my friends did not enlighten her. She spoke also about the two boys she had brought up and Estelle’s comment on her whole way of speaking and behaving was,

“My word, she’s quick on the uptake!” She added, She’s saying, ‘I never realized we had passed through death when we crashed in that field’.” And then: “She’s gone, but I think she’ll come again.”

On September 27th, 1965, when my friends again sat with Estelle Roberts, Nancy Spain came and said, among other things, “It’s very wonderful here. That ‘plane wasn’t in good order. It should have been more completely overhauled. But one accepts one’s fate.” She then teased Estelle about her coming “over there.”

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