Fifty Years a Medium – Chapter 16, 2/7 by Estelle Roberts

At a later sitting, some time after this, I told Peter of the presence of Dan Leno, the most revered comic of his age, and was able to assure him that he was guiding and helping Peter in his own career. Unknown to me, he had been personally aware for many years that he was being protected and led in his professional life by someone from the other side,

and he accepted this information “with a sort of satisfied relief, not surprised because it figured somehow.” Peter is convinced that Dan Leno is his guiding force. When his adored Mother, Peg, passed over, Peter again came to see me. She proved to him that she was very much alive, relating things known only to herself and Peter, which I will not repeat here because all communications between my sitters and their friends and relatives from the spirit world are no concern of mine.

The author, Peter Evans, likens my affection for Peter, which has developed over the years, to that of a “childless aunt.” This is not entirely accurate. I recognized in Peter those two states of mind which I have often experienced, loneliness and the desire to be a perfectionist. He is psychic and he is aware of it. Indeed, he would make a fine medium, but his metier is to bring happiness to millions in other ways.

Because of his psychic potentiality he has the awareness of events before they occur; the knowledge of the spirit presence with him; a glimpse of that wider vision of what life is all about. In some inexplicable way this awareness makes one feel at times a person apart, thereby creating a great sense of loneliness. To be a perfectionist in an imperfect world often causes heartbreak because one cannot compromise.

Ginette Spanier lives in Paris, where she is connected with one of the leading French fashion houses, but to English people and Americans she will be known for her appearances on television, her many lectures, and her articles in the Press. I asked Ginette somewhat diffidently if I might relate her story about Nancy Spain.

Nancy, of course, was one of the most famous journalist and radio and television personalities of her day. Her reply was a request that she be allowed to write it herself. And here it is:
Nancy Spain was killed on March 21st, 1964, when the private aeroplane in which she had gone to report the Grand National crashed beside the course.

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