Fifty Years a Medium – Chapter 15, 2/4 by Estelle Roberts

This book contains a great many instances of survival. Had there been the need, it would have been simple to increase their number by a hundred, or a thousand other cases. But, in the event, it is necessary to prove only one case in order to prove all. I have chosen the episodes quoted in this book because of the evidence they offered, and the absolute integrity of the people who were present to vouch for them.

I have worked with Red Cloud for nearly fifteen years, and during that time he has toiled unceasingly to demonstrate eternal spirit truth. He has never told us who he was on earth. When asked, he has always answered: “Know me by my works.” We know that he passed this way before us, when he probably dwelt in Egypt.

We believe, too, that he was either in this world, or very near to it, in the days of Jesus of Nazareth. Once or twice he has tantalized us into believing ourselves to be on the verge of discovering only to find the answer has again been denied us.

We know that his identity as a Red Indian is a cloak which is assumed in order to make receptive by us the very high vibrations that are naturally his because of his advanced spiritual attainment. He says he long ago reached the point in his evolution from which, had he gone on, there would have been no returning to this world.

The choice was his – to go on, or to remain as a guide and teacher to mankind, bringing peace of mind and understanding of divine truths. He chose the latter course, explaining to us: “As your elder brother, which I am, your sorrows are my sorrows, your joys are my joys. When you fall back, I fall back with you. When you go forward, I go forward, too.”

Always Red Cloud is loving and kind. I have never known him to condemn harshly any living person, though he will frequently gently point out our errors. He is ever ready to answer our questions, though not always as directly as some sitters could have wished.

He is never dogmatic. In discussion and argument, he is tolerant, never laying down the law, and forever reminding his hearers that the final decision is theirs to make. God has given man a will of his own, he says, and man alone must exercise it.

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