Fifty Years a Medium – Chapter 14, 5/8 by Estelle Roberts

It is perfectly true, as a speaker said on the wireless the other day, “when people meet in ordinary circles in the dark they cannot really observe what is going on,” but it is the content of the messages which is the crux of the matter, not the supernormal lifting of the trumpet or the mode of production of the voices.

As regard the supernormal lifting of the trumpet, anyone who has studied the evidence knows that telekinesis (the supernormal movement of objects) and materialization are facts no longer capable of refutation. The careful scientific experiments carried out with such physical mediums are Rudi Scheider and Kluski leave no room for doubt.

Now in these direct-voice circles Red Cloud tells us that the trumpet is moved by means of an ectoplasmic rod, and the voices are produced within the trumpet. I personally am willing to accept his statements. It would be foolish to risk possible injury to the medium by trying to investigate too closely.

The nearest I have been to direct confirmation was on one occasion when the medium was suffering from a very distinctive and easily recognized cough. I was sitting close by her and could hear her coughing going on at the same time that a voice was speaking about eight feet away from her, as near as I could judge.

Of course the Red Cloud voice circle is but one of a number of which similar phenomena occur. From all over the world similar happenings to these are being reported. New books are constantly being published dealing with the subject and relating personal experiences.

The facts can be no longer denied, and are now being admitted by quite a number of men of science who endeavour to explain them on the lines that I have mentioned. I cannot help thinking that those who support these theories have not had sufficient opportunities for observing the phenomena at their best.
Mediums of the first rank are extremely rare, and are prone to limit their activities to those people who are inclined to be friendly and really need them, and to avoid the possibly hostile attitude of the scientific investigator, an attitude which in itself may tend to inhibit phenomena.

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