An Introduction to Spiritualism

Many people are introduced to Spiritualism when they have suffered a loss or have accompanied a friend to see a demonstration of mediumship. Others have been introduced to it as a religion that does not have the confines of dogma or creed. Others fall in love with the beauty and depth of the 7 Principals and the Golden Rule.

Here I have answered a few introductory questions about aspects of Spiritualism. Always keep in mind, one of the wonderful features of Spiritualism is the openness of interpretation of concepts and ideas for each individual. These are my concepts and ideas of Spiritualism.

What is Spiritualism

Spiritualism is a Spiritual and rational Religion. It is also a philosophy and a science. Spiritualists believe in continuous existence of the soul, and believe that mediums can communicate with those in the Spirit World. It is a religion as it affirms a belief in a greater or divine power and provides a system of faith and worship.

Spiritualism is a philosophy as it is the study of the truth of the application of the Natural Laws of God. It is also a philosophy as it acts as a guiding principle for behaviour, and promotes personal responsibility. The following of the Seven Principles and adherence to the Golden Rule makes Spiritualism a way of life as well as a religion.

Spiritualism is a science as it demonstrates the observable, verifiable, and measurable study of spirit communication and manifestation through mediumship.

Who is a Spiritualist

Becoming a Spiritualist is a personal decision. Spiritualism has no creed or dogma. No codified set of beliefs or dictates of behaviour. There is no dogma, no authoritative tenet. A person becomes a Spiritualist when they accept the 7 Principals of Spiritualism and the Golden Rule and strive to guide their life by them.

What is a Main Difference Between Spiritualism and Other Religions

Spiritualism is grounded in the belief and demonstration that there is life after death. That this life after death is the continuing existence of our soul, our spirit. This continuing existence is open to all and our soul, our spirit, may progress through an acceptance of personal responsibility of our own actions.

What is a Medium

Spiritual mediums are able to communicate with those who have passed into the Spirit realm. Those who have passed that choose to communicate with people on this plain need a highly sensitive person to communicate with and through. A medium can bring their personal vibration level high enough that a spirit can lower their vibration level and the two can communicate where the two levels intersect. In this way those who have passed may relay messages through Spiritual mediums to those of us on this plain.

The medium is the conduit, the tool, the channel, for relaying the message. I have always thought of the medium as the person in the middle and believe this is a very responsible position.

How is Mediumship Helpful

Mediumship is helpful in a number of ways. First, it is the means by which spirits may give comfort and assurance to those who remain on this plain. People feel bereft and can grieve deeply when a loved one passes. Receiving messages and comfort from passed loved ones can help people with their grief, their feelings of isolation, and their understanding of the afterlife.

Mediumship also allows spirits to convey advice and guidance to those on this plain. The guidance given can add a deeper sense of purpose and meaning to a person’s life.

Many mediums have been able to bring enlightenment and new ideas and ideals from spirits. This has aided in progressive social movements for over 150 years.

What are Some Types of Mediumship

I believe there are 3 forms of mediumship. Mental mediumship, physical mediumship, and Spiritual healing. There are two types of mental mediumship, objective and subjective. With objective mediumship the medium experiences spirit externally, seeing, hearing, or feeling the spirit as though they are physically present. Subjective mediumship is when a spirit is experienced internally, in the “mind’s eye”.

Often trance mediumship is seen as a form of mental mediumship. It involves deep concentration and a very high vibrational ability to achieve trance. When in trance a medium’s ego steps aside and allows the spirit to give its messages directly through them to those in attendance. Mediums may be conscious or unconscious of the messages being given by a spirit when they are in trance.

Physical mediumship is when spirits manipulate energy and energy systems. The manipulated energy can produce materialized items, often called apports, materialized bodies or body parts, or ectoplasm. Ectoplasm may be manipulated a spirit to create manifestations.

Mental mediumship is the most often demonstration of spirit communication. Trance mediumship is still demonstrated, but not nearly as much as mental mediumship. Physical mediumship is not often demonstrated these days.

Spiritual healing is a form of mediumship in which the medium is the conduit that spirit uses to send spiritual healing. It is applied by the lying on of hands. This form of mediumship can also be transmitted as absent healing when a person is unable to attend a physical spiritual healing. Spiritual healing is classified as a complimentary therapy and in no way replaces the treatment, therapy, or opinion of a medical doctor.

A Few Suggestions To Continue Your Exploration of Spiritualism

You may wish to continue your exploration of Spiritualism by reading the 7 Principals and reading about the Golden Rule. You can find them posted on the Sharing Spirit website at this link:

To find out how Modern Spiritualism began you might like to explore the book: Hydesville: The Story of the Rochester Knockings. You can find an audio version of this book on the Sharing Spirit YouTube channel at:

The A.B.C. Of Spiritualism – One hundred of the Questions Most Commonly Asked about Spiritualism, answered tersely and Plainly by B.F. Austin contains some good information about Spiritualism. You can find an audio version of this book on the Sharing Spirit YouTube channel at:

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