Sharing Spirit

Sharing Spirit

A video archive of first nation's stories & knowledge

About Sharing Spirit

Sharing Spirit is an oral history and storytelling project that works with Aboriginal peoples of all ages to share knowledge and tell stories through digital filmmaking. The project was started by Edmonton-based filmmaker Jason Gondziola and Cree Elder Francis Whiskeyjack. Through this project, youth interviewed Elders, Knowledge Keepers and artists on a number of subjects and created short documentary films from some of these interviews.

The project ran principally at amiskwaciy Academy with additional interviews at Prince Charles School, O’Leary Catholic High School, St. Joseph High School and St. Francis Xavier Catholic High School in Edmonton, Alberta, as well as Peace Regional Outreach Campus in Peace River, Alberta.

In this project we connect Aboriginal peoples from different generations, nations and communities to share their knowledge, wisdom and insight. These conversations are to encourage young people to learn not only from their elders, but from each other as well. Our hope is that, through this website, you will be able to learn from them, too.


For further information about this project please contact
Jason Gondziola at mtset Productions in Edmonton, Alberta